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Um, PrimaFlora, would you mind explaining the meaning of some of theose TLAs? Your post looked very interesting and informative, but I couldn't read half of it!

Ack! Sorry. Ookay AS =Aspergers Syndrome. HG is highly gifted, IQ of over about 150. EG is exceptionally gifted IQ over about 160. PG is profoundly gifted, an IQ over 180.

SB LM is the Stanford Binet LM - it is an outdated IQ test which is used when ceilings are hit in the WISC III. The use of the SB LM is controversial - it is championed by people like Gross and Silverman who are doing research in the area of EG+ kids.The WISC III is one of the most commonly used IQ tests developed by Weschler. It has a ceiling of 140 or 160 depending on who you believe . Weschler himself says that it is not a good test to use at the extremes - it is a test which is designed to test for normal IQ.

Did I get them all? Sorry again.