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Originally Posted by paulmarkj View Post
The point is not the act of f****** a pig, it is the notion of what technology and social media have become - as all the episodes are. It is the questions it asks - real questions.

What would a leader do to keep his job?

What would a leader do to to save a life? Could he say no? Would you say no?

It doesn't have to be sex with a pig, but it has to be something repulsive, otherwise it doesn't work!

BTW: look up what a previous PM (Cameron did at university).

Otherwise, just stick to a safe film, like James Bond - it won't tax you, it won't ask any difficult questions.
Agreed. And how the media was just wetting itself to be able to report it. That first episode made me want to watch all of the rest. Not because of the pig fucking, but because I knew that this show would hold nothing back and explore any topic.