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Benny Grunch and the Bunch's "12 Yats of Christmas"! (Warning: none of these will make any sense unless you've lived in New Orleans.)

12. On the twelfth day of Christmas my
true love gave to me a Dozen Manuel's Tamales

11. On the eleventh day at Vetran's
Highway try'ta cross the street with Eleven Schwegmann Bags

10. I used'ta be at Kaiser now I'm woikin
down'da street at'da Tenneco Chalmette Refinery

9. On the ninth day of Christmas we drove
down Delery in'da Lower Ninth Ward

8. On'da eighth day of Christmas me and
Rosalie Ate By'ya Mama's

7. Cemetery traffic got backed up to
Metairie at the Seventeenth Street Canal

6. On'da sixth day'a Christmas we
stopped at K&B's for a Six Pack'a Dixie

5. On the fifth day of Christmas we
stopped at A&G for Frrried Onion Rrrings

4. On the fourth day I said OK let's get a
Christmas tree Before'ya Drive Me Nuts

3. On'da thoid day' a Christmas we
Stopped at McKenzie for Three French Breads

2. In'da Christmas Picayune I seen it
Dere'n Section E, Tujaque's Recipe

1. On'da foist day'a Christmas mah
Mawmaw gave to me a Crawfish dey
Caught in Arabi