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Practically every problem I see on dead or dying electronics has to do with the filter capacitors on the power regulating circuits. These electrolytic capacitors seem to wear out quicker than any other component. Sometimes, they even balloon, leak, and burst!

I attribute it to the fact that electrolytic caps are the most expensive and largest discrete components in the circuit. That makes it very profitable for companies to use the smallest and cheapest components they can to fit the bill. The caps used in the design usually barely meet the requirements and are put under a lot of stress so they wear out quicker. IF you can find them, AND are handy with a soldering iron, AND the component failure hasn't fried anything else, you can replace the existing caps with higher rated ones and solve the problem.

Wireless routers in compact (poorly ventilated) cases also tend to overheat the transmitter easily, particularly if you use third party firmware and turn up the transmit power (I'm guilty).