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Originally Posted by Dangerosa View Post
And even Academy Award winning actors have to be able to perform on cue when the camera and lights and sound are ready. You don't get to say "I'm really not in the mood today" if you want to stay in the business.

What makes geeks so much different than writers or actors that they feel they don't need to be held to a professional standard?
Ever been on a set? Actors get judged by how they perform when the camera goes on and the sound is up to speed. These people should be judged by how they generate code, which is like the camera being on, no how they act in the dressing room.

Maybe you think that code production is a direct function of hours worked, like assembly line work. Not hardly. I don't know about other people, but I don't write code by typing it line by line, I write it in my head and then dump it onto the screen. Most of my stuff works the first time, and I am a lot more productive than industry averages. I write code while reading the Dope. I write it while taking a walk. Places with top intellectual performers have very relaxed atmospheres because they know that intellectual work is not done in obvious ways.
I had a guy working for me who often fell asleep in the afternoon. He developed some revolutionary algorithms, and implemented them also, and I figured he was more productive asleep than a lot of people were awake (and I had good people.) You think he would have been more productive if I yelled at him for napping?