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Originally Posted by Dangerosa View Post

Netflix is another company that does this...and their managers are told to coach out anyone who isnt a top 10% performer, so you'd better be pretty fantastic to get by with their casual atmosphere, most people have their nose to the grindstone despite their casual policies just to survive. Apple is, and they expect minimum ten to twelve hour days. If you want any time away from work, you work at work.
Hmm. I learned that managers should coach everyone, including top 10% performers. Even really good people deserve feedback on presentations and the like. Even the best of athletes have coaches.

My friends at Apple haven't complained about 12 hour days all the time. Before a deadline sure. I've done a column about a paper which shows that continual 60 hour weeks don't actually make you more productive than 40 hour weeks. When I was at Intel we did 12 hour days. We weren't forced to, but they served dinner and they took names (just to track consumption, of course) and one person who left at 6 for a car pool wound up with a bad rating. It didn't do anything to make the project more successful, and half the people weren't doing anything productive after dinner anyway.
Maybe if they hadn't been working such long hours they wouldn't have screwed up the antenna.