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Originally Posted by msmith537 View Post
It sounds horrible because it sounds like a cult. I've worked for companies just like that. What it really means is they expect you to devote yourself completely to the company 24-7. And if you don't devote yourself with enough passion or if you somehow don't meet one of their other criteria, they will immediately eject you from the company. Our idiot HR manager told us "our people crave feedback!" No they don't. They crave being told they are the best and brightest and most creative people on the planet. They don't want to be told their output is wrong or their analysis is flawed or their personality somehow doesn't jibe with the culture. Because they know they will be a "get well program" away from termination.
It sounds pretty good, if the place really works the way the slides say. I like the no vacation policy policy. Almost everyone where I work gets close to maxing out stored vacation, so it is nice to respect employees enough to not assume that they are out to rip off the company - and get rid of them if they can't produce.

I, as a non-HR person, was on a bunch of committees setting performance review policy at one job. We talked to a lot of people, and you couldn't be more wrong. They do want feedback. Helpful, accurate feedback, but feedback. They wanted to have their bosses understand what they did, which was not always the case. If a review is a surprise to someone, then the boss screwed up.

I didn't notice 90% of the people being laid off, by the way, so I don't retract my comments. It is true that the right people can out perform average people by orders of magnitude. Almost any manager knows that. Really great performers are a bargain. We'll see how they do when they start losing money, though. I suspect these slides came from before they screwed up.