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Originally Posted by Terr View Post
My kid is autistic. Diagnosed etc. Unmistakably. Yet if you see him on playground, you will see him interacting (somewhat) with other kids, running over to me and talking with me (you'd have to stand close to hear the speech problems such as mixing pronouns and formulaic speech).
Ditto - it's definitely a broad spectrum of symptoms, and RyJae's daughter is more severely impaired than my son (or yours).

Whether it's truly growing, or better / more accurate diagnosis, or whatever, is hard to say; I haven't done the research. I do know that my own family is pretty hard hit (4 out of 6 biological cousins have significant issues, 2 of them autism).

For Kolga and LavenderBlue: In your research, have you stumbled across *any* health issues that seem to be tied to vaccination? By that I mean things that appear to have an autoimmune tie (e.g. the increase in allergies, any other disorders).

We never subscribed to the whole Wakefield thing, but kept an open mind about a possible autoimmune component, mainly because my nephew's symptoms *seemed* to improve somewhat when he was on high-dose steroids for a while. So, my kids have been fully vaccinated, but we *did* take a slower approach than the official plan (e.g. never more than 2 at a time, waited longer than average between 'em, never got a new vaccine within a year or two of its being introduced etc.). In our judgment, this posed minimal additional risk while ultimately offering acceptable protection.