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Crafting and Cooking Dopers - Introducing Kew and Kew, Booksellers

rjk and I both sell books on Etsy.

I specialize in craft books (both vintage and recent), and I have over 750 books in just about any craft related subject you can imagine. My shop is Breezy's Crafty Books.

In addition to the regular Etsy interface, I've constructed my own interface which lets people find books in my shop via tags. Breezy's Crafty Books Tag Surfer This site orders books by "interestingness". I would dearly appreciate feedback on this - is it an intuitive and/or useful way to find books you are interested in?

Bob specializes in vintage cookbooks - he has 59 cookbooks currently. His shop is Any Old Cookbook. Also, Bob has a lot more cookbooks than what he has up! If there's a particular cookbook subject you're interested in, let us know and we might be able to find something to fit. (He'll probably have a dozen books, the real question is whether we'll be able to find them!)

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