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Originally Posted by Snowboarder Bo View Post
Do you have a cite that backs up your assertion; that it was no other reason that he called him "Jermane"?
You want a cite that the arresting officer called him by his name other than because he knew who he was? Why?

We know from the link that Days did know who Reid was, because he had arrested him before. That's what it says. What I would like to know is, what the fuck difference would it make if he knew it because Reid had it tattooed on his forehead, or a random guess?

I know from past posts that you are not shy about posting in such a way as to make yourself look like a complete idiot. I am curious, however, as to what you think you can establish with this quibble about how the officer knew what his name was. Other than signalling that you are, in fact, not quite as intelligent as some forms of plant life.

OK, I recognize that it is a fairly unimaginative form of trolling, but it might be amusing to hear whatever it is that pint of dysentery-infested sewage atop your brain stem has come up with as an excuse.