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Originally Posted by Starving Artist View Post
So what's your point? That because they were raised in conditions that contributed to their becoming vicious criminals the correct and moral thing to do is deliberately disarm ourselves and willingly present ourselves as defenseless victims to whatever evil skullduggery they have in mind?

I swear, I will never understand the liberal mind if I live to be a thousand years old.
Not to speak for LHOD here, but... I think that type of stuff is important, not because we should forgive someone for committing a violent crime, or let them go free just because they had a bad childhood, but because it informs public policy choices. So the west side of Peoria has been getting more violent in the past few years... how should we proceed? More cops? Curfews? Or greater funding for public schools and after-school programs to try to keep kids out of gangs?

And there certainly are cases where for instance a teenager has committed a first violent crime, and is not yet hardened into a lifetime path of violence, when understanding that child's life up to that point helps us decide whether society as a whole is better off if we treat that child as a troubled youth or a violent thug.

Which is NOT to say that we just always get all touchy-feely and refuse to ever lock anyone up or ever try a minor as an adult... but we certainly shouldn't always react with extreme prejudice.