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Originally Posted by Munch View Post
I broke the world on my last playthrough (I'm currently slogging through the last map upgrades on lvl 59 before doing it again). What a massive wall to hit that is. Managed to get to lvl 65, and had to portal since it was so slow.
How'd you do it? I'm thinking I should try on my next run, but things keep getting so slow. Challenges I've done so far are Discipline, Metal, Size, and Scientist I. I'm currently on my Scientist I run and am on Zone 39. My highest Zone reached was 40, on my last run. I was thinking this run I'd push through till 45. But with each zone progress gets exponentially slower, and to think I'd have 15 more zones to go beyond that to reach 60... Housing gets so expensive unless you spend helium on Wormholes, and it's even hard to buy many Gateways since fragments accumulate so slowly. What's the trick?