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Trump's administration decides to shelve some pesky coal mine safety rules. They just get in the way of profits, right?

Longtime safety experts say they are shocked at the scope of the proposals that will seemingly void violations that traditionally carry stiff monetary penalties.

“It’s breathtaking in its scope,” said Davitt McAteer, who served as assistant secretary of the U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration during the Clinton administration.

McAteer, an internationally recognized expert on mine safety, led a team that pushed for strengthening West Virginia’s mine safety efforts following the death of 29 miners after a coal dust explosion at Massey Energy’s Upper Big Branch Mine in Montcoal in 2010.
Poor Trump supporters who voted for him. Now they get more dangerous working conditions. But hey, soon the mandatory coal-burning cars will be on the market, and they'll be in great shape. As long as the mine does not explode and kill them.

Soon the Trump idiots will get rid of that horrible rule that stops coal mining companies from dumping coal-mining debris into nearby streams. I mean, what could possibly be bad about dumping coal-mining debris into streams, right?