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Damage dice as representational art

When playing D&D or similar games, dice can represent a wide variety of things. A roll of this 8-sided die might represent the damage done by a longsword, or a roll of that 6-sided die might be a part of a lightning bolt spell. But they don't look like it: The dice themselves are still just Platonic solids.

Until now.

I've opened up a new Shapeways shop, Geometric Precision. So far, I have two main lines. Weapon damage dice are dice shaped like a D&D weapon that does that damage: For instance, a d8 shaped like a battleaxe
or a longsword ,
or a d12 composed of greataxes

And spell damage dice are dice shaped like various magical damage types. So far, they're all d6s, but I plan to expand out to other sizes which are commonly used for those damage types. I currently have fire ,
lightning ,
cold , and
radiant .

I'm continually designing more, so expect frequent updates for the next month or two. I've also ordered a batch of them for myself, so I should be able to get some photos up (instead of preview renders) as soon as they arrive.
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