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I have input. You wanted some criticism, right?

I'm not sure I would use any of these gameplay, but I could definitely see myself buying one as a gift for certain folks I've gamed with.

I like the two arrows with different values - I'd recommend expanding that with other items if at all possible (easier said than done, I'm sure) . As a fr'instance, I would have been very tempted to make a gift of that axe die for the barbarian in my long-running campaign, but since he used a 1d12 axe I would've passed. The "great axe d12" is neat looking (I'd personally be much more likely to use that one than the fancier models) but I know that this particular friend would get a serious kick out of throwing an actual axe to roll axe damage.

Also, a nitpick. You wanted spellchecking, right? It's not spelled "mourningstar."