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I like the two arrows with different values - I'd recommend expanding that with other items if at all possible (easier said than done, I'm sure) . As a fr'instance, I would have been very tempted to make a gift of that axe die for the barbarian in my long-running campaign, but since he used a 1d12 axe I would've passed. The "great axe d12" is neat looking (I'd personally be much more likely to use that one than the fancier models) but I know that this particular friend would get a serious kick out of throwing an actual axe to roll axe damage.
If I'm understanding you correctly, you'd like to see a 12-sided version that's shaped more like the 8-sided version? So would I... but I don't think it's really possible. The arrows, I can change the number of sides fairly easily, because those are barrel dice. The symmetry of an arrow is about right to make that possible, while still being recognizable as an arrow (heck, I could make an arrow-shaped d5 or d7 or d9, if there were some reason to). But axes aren't really barrel-shaped in the first place, and 12 sides is pushing the bounds of practicality for a barrel die. About the best I could do along those lines would be to have three axeblades intersecting at 60 angles, with handles coming out of both ends, and that really wouldn't end up looking very axe-like (it'd be a lot more like a mace, and in fact I have a mace design much like that that just needs a little more work).