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Well, as I argued elsewhere today, the Kansas experiment relied on a fundamental flaw in the Republican plan, which is the same thing that happens every time they try this going back to Reagan.

Cut taxes on assumption of n% growth will actually increase revenues.
Cut expenses only to match projections.

Watch projections turn out to be pure fantasy.
Every. Damned. Time.

My suggestion instead would be to figure out what kind of spending cuts you can make first, and then cut taxes to that level with no assumptions beyond normally forecast growth. Then if your projections turn out to be true, you run a surplus and can either pay off debt or rejigger the tax rates. If your projections were shit, you run a balanced budget.

Unless the economy goes sour, in which case you're in the shit now because you slashed both spending and taxes in a time when revenue is likely to take a dive.

And for the Christian Republicans, I'd say it is because you also didn't listen to what the bible said about good stewardship with that whole Joseph and the dreams of Pharoah stuff, or you'd have recognized that running a surplus in good times allows you to cover shortfalls in bad times.