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Originally Posted by Tee View Post
It's worse. It's an undead. We will hear they weren't wrong, it's just that Kansas conservatives are really RINOS and that the government was insufficiently committed to cutting spending.
Yep, fully expected. The real problem is that budget problems are, to a large degree, an abstraction in the minds of idiotic right wing voters. If you say the schools and roads aren't being funded, they'll just snap back and say "Privatization!"

Americans went through this in the early 1900s when wealth and income inequality were on the rise (as they are now). In spite of repeated banking panics in 1907 and periodically after that until about 1928 or 1929, the right wing economic propaganda continued to be politically successful - or at least not politically harmful. What changed everyone's thinking? The worst economic crisis in our nation's history (outside of the periods following the Revolution and Civil War).

So I suppose that's where we're headed. We need to have a full-on economic crisis in which 50-75% of the population is living in economic distress before we finally give up believing in the economic fairy tale of conservative economics.