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Originally Posted by Flyer View Post
Everybody is blaming Kansas' low tax rates for the state's problems.
Well no, people are blaming Kansas' severe unsustainable tax cuts for the state's problems. Or rather, they are blaming Brownback and his gang of supply-siders for wrongly and disingenuously hawking severe unsustainable tax cuts as viable solutions to the state's problems.

Nobody is claiming that a low tax rate in itself is necessarily a bad thing, depending on how it works out in available revenues. Fortunately for you, there are enough extremely well-heeled folks in Colorado that a flat tax of 4.63% of all federal taxable income across the board results in a fairly hefty chunk of revenue.

But that wasn't the situation that Brownback and his merry men had to deal with, and they were ideology-blinded idiots for believing that deep tax cuts would be an automatic panacea for the ills of the situation they did have to deal with.

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