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Originally Posted by Johnny Bravo View Post
It's not spelled "mourningstar."
It is for the family of the guy that gets hit with it!

As for the odd dice and how to use them, I suggest picturing a square with a number on each side and a spike down the center. Balance the square on its spike and give it a spin. Eventually one of the sides will wholly touch the floor, two of the sides will only touch the floor at a corner, and one side will be wholly in the air. Declare your "result" to be the number of the side that is wholly touching the floor. If you look at the designs for "battle-axe", "sword", "cold" and "radiant", you can see that each has a center "spike" - presumably a spike on each side, doubling the number of possible outcomes. You could theoretically make an infinite-die based on this (just increase the number of sides) though very quickly the sides would get so small (even if the "die" is increased in size to the limit of what can be conveniently used by a gamer) that reading the one that is fully "down" becomes impractical.

If you want a one-sided 38-die (or a two-sided 76-die) you're starting to get up to the size of a small roulette wheel.
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