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Originally Posted by Urbanredneck View Post
I wonder if this is a kind of "last chance" college for students who couldnt get in or couldnt hack a real university?

Looking back I remember all the students who flunked out of KU their freshmen year because they couldnt hack the heavy homework and work load and hadn't learned good study habits. They often switched to community colleges which like Evergreen, took anyone.
To be clear, Evergreen is ranked #7 in top public schools in the Western region of the country. It's not a #1 school, but it's also very far from a "last chance" college.

My transcript from UNCA is 1 page long. My Evergreen transcript, for twice as many years, is thirty pages long.

Every single professor wrote a full-page evaluation of the work I did in their class. In one science/history of agriculture class, I lamed out on the weekly homework assignments, and this shows up in the transcript. My transcript also mentions that I did extra research to challenge the veracity of claims in one of our textbooks, and that I filled a gap in the syllabus (the history of post-Civil War agriculture in the South) with an excellent project/presentation I did with a friend, and my score on the soil chemistry exam.

My transcript also includes the full-page evaluations I wrote of my own work. Sometimes my opinions of my work differed from my professors: in some cases I evaluated myself more harshly, and in other cases less harshly than my professors did.

If you don't want any feedback from professors, Evergreen is the wrong school for you. If the only feedback you want is a grade, Evergreen is the wrong school for you. If you want an insane level of feedback, go to Evergreen.

And yes, it has a very strong science program.

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