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Originally Posted by mikecurtis View Post
11 out 45 US Presidents (including 3 of the last 4) never served in the military: Trump, Obama, Clinton, Coolidge, Harding, Wilson, Quincy Adams, Van Buren, Cleveland, and FDR. Quincy Adams and Van Buren were founding fathers advocating for revolution. Cleveland actually hired a substitute for himself in the Civil War. FDR was the Asst Secy of the Navy prior to becoming Commander in Chief. Cowards?
Many of them probably were, though this isn't enough information based on the reasoning in my OP.

Only 96 of 535 current members of Congress are veterans. Are they allowed to advocate for military action? (hint: it's their job) Cowards?
Anyone can advocate for anything they like, of course. And folks are free to make judgments about others based on what they advocate and other decisions.

I have little doubt that some members of Congress are cowards, but this isn't enough info based on the reasoning in my OP.

Many current positions in the modern armed services involve no risk of bodily harm. Are drone operators cowards? Are stateside Honor Guards cowards?
Some of them may be, but I have no specific information about any of them. This wouldn't be nearly enough information to make any conclusion based on the reasoning in my OP.

Do you include pacifists in your cowardly role call?
Absolutely not! Pacifists very clearly wouldn't apply to the reasoning of the OP.

or is it just hawks?
Not all "hawks" -- just the ones that would fit the reasoning of the OP.