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Originally Posted by Wesley Clark View Post
I'm sure you felt the same rage when Trump insulted John McCain or when John Kerry was being made fun of.
First, "rage" is way too strong for my feelings for CK. I don't remember what Trump said about Kerry, but yes, I was royally pissed when Captain Bone-Spurs crapped all over McCain with his "I like people who weren't captured" comments.

You may have some idea that I'm a Republican, but I am decidedly not. The last (R) I voted for in any national election was Reagan when I was 18. I am nevertheless a veteran and I take a pretty dim view of the anthem kneeling for the chosen method of protest. Regardless, I don't like having my distaste for Kapaernik's kneeling being assumed as or equated to bigotry. I'd feel no different about it if it was Aaron Rodgers.