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Originally Posted by k9bfriender View Post
Yes, that is what Romney said, but Romney was either misinformed or lying. He was trying to make a disparaging remark about those he considered himself to be better than, but the facts bear out that he was also talking about his own peers.

As far as roads and schools, those are paid for, not by income tax, but by property tax and excise tax, both of which are regressive, and both of which are not only paid by the poor, but paid at a higher percentage of income than that of the wealthy, very bad examples for you to choose to try to make Romney's comment about those he looks down on to be any more accurate, or any less hateful.
You misunderstand. I wasn't pointing out that Romney was wrong, because he wasn't. I was pointing out that you were wrong, because you are. That is, your claim that Romney's wealthy peers do not pay taxes for the government services they receive is amusingly bizarre, but not otherwise worthwhile.

Also, your notion that property taxes are regressive. Can you explain how a person with a million-dollar home pays less in property taxes than a person living in an apartment? Rhetorical question, obviously, because you can't.
So, you are in favor of massive deficits, sending our people into unnecessary wars, seperating children from their parents and locking them in cages, and hate half of your fellow citizens?
I am not strawmanning you. You are strawmanning yourself, and not doing a very good job.