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Originally Posted by DSeid View Post
I do remain with issues regarding practices that result in more becoming addicts, some of whom will suffer harms from that addiction, especially regarding practices that are getting many addicted in childhood.

Sorry you not having as easy of access to the added pleasure of strawberry milk or mango or watermelon vape flavorings is in comparison a cry me a river item.
Let me get this straight. You need to be 18-21 to smoke, and 18-21 to vape. Those children are getting their fruit flavors illegally.

So now you are saying that a product intended for adults, that you admit probably makes adults healthier than the alternative, that is illegal for children to buy...cannot be made a certain way because kids might get their hands on it.

Cool. So we're banning all the candy in the world as well, right? And guns, oh boy. You realize that nearly every firearm ever sold has no smart mechanism to ensure a licensed adult is holding the weapon, and also no difficult to actuate for a kid's hands lock to remove the safety or open the jar of ammunition.

Making a kid-safe world is possible, but the way to do it isn't to restrict commercially available products on the market that have accepted levels of risk when used as intended. (aka, guns and vapes. Vapes have an acceptable level of risk as they are much safer than cigarettes)

A more practical method would be better monitoring, so that when Timmy gets an adult to buy him a vape, someone gets informed and actions can be taken. This would make all of the dangerous products that can possibly harm children get reduced instead of just some.