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I worked for a lady that set up one of the first used videogame stores in so cal in the early 90s ... but she ran it out of her home at first and then later we moved to a swap meet ...

Now she was a sort of engineer before she developed rheumatoid arthritis she designed circuit boards and chips for Lockheed for 20 years So fixing a Nintendo or any other console (she was actually getting certified by sony to get the tools for fixing ps2's when she passed on) was a piece of cake .... she even designed her own tools for doing so so she took pride that everything worked and even offered a guarantee

Yet every weekend some jackass would come and ask "do they work?" and shed get pissed off and say look you found me through my ads in the papers right ? would i go through all that to sell you junk?

Well I figured out why some people asked that .... see there was a "yard sale" section of the swap meet where people would empty a closet toss it on a blanket and sell their junk..... and sometimes it would be their video games that didn't work and they knew it ......... so yeah there was some shadiness going on

But then wed get complained at that they got ripped off ... And my boss would say in the sweetest way " well dear you were paying 5 bucks for a 40 dollar game .... did it occur to you something might be well off about it .... "well its a swap meet things are supposed to be cheap like that "

So shed make a deal to buy the game for what they paid for it ...... About 30 percent it was a loss because you could tell some kid spilled something on it (one actually had dried milk in an NES cartridge ..youd have to soak it to get that effect) .. but sometimes it was just no one bought a cleaning kit for it and shed take 5 minutes and clean it and it would work fine ....