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Originally Posted by Damuri Ajashi View Post
Yes. He concludes that "The book concluded that Asian American applicants to United States colleges were much more likely to be rejected by seven elite colleges than were similar members of any other race" but he can't prove its racism because the schools will not share their admissions data.

Since then Harvard has had to share some of its admissions data and the things that he said he didn't have access to are now a little more available. And here's what we have discovered:

Harvard admissions committees routinely score asian applicants lower on personal scores than whites despite the fact that alumni interviewers do not have a similar disparity in personal scores.

Harvard has a higher cut off to send recruitment material to asians than to whites.

So how exactly do you explain how the asian population has stayed flat for decades despite an ever increasing asian population?
I don't need to explain it; that's what you've failed to do thus far. Again, you've offered us nothing concrete to dismiss. To support an anti-Asian bias, you referenced an author who doesn't think his data establish an anti-Asian bias.