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Originally Posted by Spiderman View Post
This is not the only article that stated it that way. Maybe the first reporter stated it incorrectly & wire services ran with it but the article(s) specifically state overdraft fees, not overdrafted by that amount, which is what you're referring to.
The article I quoted (which I forgot to link in my earlier post) doesn't say "fees" - it says:

He added that the withdrawal resulted in a $107,416 overdraft because the couple’s bank account had only $1,121 in it before the accidental windfall.

Funny thing -this refers to a "$107,416 overdraft fee" as reported in the Williamsport Sun-Gazette which actually says "the withdrawl (sic) caused a $107,416 overdraft". I guess reporters don't know the difference between an "overdraft" and "overdraft fees" nowadays But I suspect the Sun-Gazette has it right since it's the local paper. ( and that's what makes sense)

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