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Originally Posted by Czarcasm View Post
Good idea...but is it feasible in a district that struggles with funding?
Oh I agree alot of this comes down to funding. In my expereince I've never seen a school have an ISS room run by a regular teacher or even had special training.

True story: In one HS I worked at they had ISS but no funds for a teacher. They didnt even have a room set aide for it. The best they could do was assign one coach to have the kids in a little used room part time.

In another HS they also didnt have an ISS teacher but had a different teacher every hour cover the room. Even if it was a sub.

In most schools the ISS teacher is paid about the same rate as a para - or about half what a regular teacher makes.

Then when you have just ONE ISS room in a school of 500 kids, what happens if you have 50 kids in it?

ISS is usually a joke.