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Originally Posted by Sherrerd View Post
Beto was also proposing compensation. The eminent domain comparison is a valid one.

The typical entry-level AR ranges from $450-750, high end AR range from $800+, typically around $1200 to $2500, 30 round mags generally are under $40 per mag

most "buybacks" I've heard of offer a paltry $50-200, or gift cards, not even close to what was spent on the items in question, if they intend "buybacks" to be fair and have any chance of succeeding, they must offer something close, or even exceeding the value of the rifle in question.

offer someone who spent $400+ on their AR a $50/100 gift card/cash for their AR, don't be surprised if they don't want to sell.

Offer the same person what they paid for the same rifle, and they'd probably consider it, lowballing will only work for the ones who don't know what they're worth (inherited guns and the like)
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