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Originally Posted by Great Antibob View Post
I don't see where that assertion was made at all.

There are 2 different things floating here:

1) Epstein was human garbage and ran an operation that trafficked in women, some incredibly underage. Doesn't seem like anybody is doubting this part, including DrDeth if you read the first sentence of that last post.

2) Epstein ran this operation with several other wealthy people, including Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton. There's not a lot of evidence of this part but plenty of conspiracy theories asserting it anyway.

And that second point is what DrDeth was noting. While there's scant doubt Epstein was up to no good, there's much less evidence he conspired with all these other public figures to do so.

One is proven and the second is tinfoil hat territory, since we know Bill never even visited that island, altho Trump maybe did. He did accept a few free plane rides back in 2002.