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Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
Yes, the video is all over the Internet. But what is the source? The OP tells us that the source is a known liar and felon. If a bunch of other sites copy a faked video, that doesn't make it any less faked.

So, again, does this video exist from any other source?
More specifically, the source is a felon who was convicted specifically for making fake videos to push a political point of view.

So the null hypothesis is that any video sourced from Project Veritas is fake, and it's up to those who claim otherwise to provide contrary evidence. The most obvious form would be to find someone else releasing the original, unedited video. Another would be just finding people involved at the time who could corroborate the story.

Both mean finding another source--one that can be trusted.

This is like Trump saying he didn't cheat on his taxes, and then citing people quoting Trump saying he didn't cheat on his taxes as proof that he is telling the truth. No, you need another source.