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My mother is being booted out of the assisted living home

She has ALZ. i don't know what level actually, but her short term is less than a minute. Otherwise she's healthy as hell. Takes no meds other than an anti-depressant and Aricept. She is gleefully incontinent. (if you've been there, you understand)

But she's nasty and mean. Really mean. She's on the regular assisted living floor, but needs more care. The facility does have memory care facilities, but they want her gone. They've advised us that they will not continue caring for her, and they've extended us 30 days to move her.

She's combative and agressive, even towards us, her children. And Og help the poor underpaid and overworked staff. And then there's The Patient's Bill of Rights that says she cannot be forced to shower, change her poopy briefs, etc. Short - she's out.

They suggest a group home or behavioural facility. We ( her 4 kids ) havn't a clue what to do. Anyone have any thoughts??