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Originally Posted by markn+ View Post
Isn't a "home that specializes in ALZ" just Memory Care? In my experience, Memory Care facilities won't take a combative or violent resident. I was "lucky" in that my mom's physical condition deteriorated as well as her cognition, so she was moved into a skilled nursing facility when she wasn't able to live at home. I did go through a nightmarish couple of weeks, talking to many Memory Care facilities who all refused to take her. It's a horrible situation to be in. My first step would be to talk to the social worker at her current facility and see if they have ideas about other facilities who would be able to care for your mom. The social workers should have a good idea of the policies and capabilities of other facilities in the area.
No, even though they are quite similar, homes that specialize in Alzheimer's (in my experience I should say) have staff that are trained to deal with ALL aspects of the disease, in the case of my Gma, the home she went to that included a ... case worker? Advocate? Company Representative? I don't really know what her job title was but at least part of her job was dealing, and working with family.
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