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Originally Posted by Dr. Drake View Post
Does POA need to make everyone happy? Because he can either make his sister unhappy or you unhappy. Is there some reason he would rather placate the sister than you?
His job is not to make either sibling happy. It is to do what in his opinion is best for the mother. Period. If he doesn't want the responsibility he needs to pass it on the the alternate POA.

Short term of less than a minute is far beyond the capability of a regular assisted living facility to handle. However, I am not sure they can just turn her out onto the street after 30 days - that would be an "unsafe discharge". Don't know if that applies to assisted living facilities.

My MIL qualified for a Medicaid funded nursing home once her dementia progressed to the point where she was incontinent. Her other medical needs could have been handled without skilled nursing care. Others in her section of the nursing home were likewise not medically frail but definitely mentally not there.