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I've had that some meds can be administered as a lotion absorbed into the skin.

My dad was diagnosed originally with Alzheimer's, but a neurologist today changed that to Picks Disease. My mother had a stroke with a broken pelvis last December. While she was recovering well, she fell in September and broke her leg. Right now, they have 24/7 home health care. If dad gets more aggressive and tries to leave, the home health care people will drop them for their worker's safety. I hope the Depakote calms him down. Given the choice of mom living with the stress or dad accidentally causing her to have an accident vs dad being possibly over medicated, I have to go for mom having a better quality of life.

The fact that they live in an isolated rural community doesn't help at all. We tried assisted living for a couple of months in Austin, but dad's constant moving things around and "packing" things up made mom's life miserable so when she was physically able i took them back home.

My brother and I are on the same page and share POA, but he's in Brooklyn and I'm 350 miles away from mom and dad. Christmas is going to be spent convincing mom that he will have to go away soon. And next year, brother and i will have to consider having ourselves tested for the Picks gene. I already lost the macular degeneration gene lotto.

One thing no one ever seems to address is how do you tell someone he has to go into memory care. We did it temporarily last year while mom was in the hospital. It was a miserable experience for everyone. I'm afraid we're going to have to wait for some event to push us into "the we have no other choice" situation again before mom will agree. And terrified that that situation will be so severe that mom will permanently lose her mobility, suffer a second stroke, or die.