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Originally Posted by Sunny Daze View Post
We are in the midst of something similar with my mother-in-law. The place she is in will keep her, but the costs are now extremely high. Unfortunately, it's easy to see that they will keep rising from here. We are covering this and we can't keep doing it.
Sunny, I was in this situation with my mother last year. I highly recommend that you consult with a specialized elder care attorney.

In most areas at least, Medicaid will pick up nursing home expenses after the patients assets are completely depleted. But you have to apply and itís complicated. And expensive, although in our case the attorney fees came out of money that would have otherwise ended up with the nursing home.

You should definitely consult with an attorney before you start selling off large assets, such as her house, to pay the nursing home bills. Because you may not have to. Medicaid may lien it and try to take it after she passes to reimburse themselves, but the additional ownership time increases the value and works in your favor. And the asset forfeiture laws may even change before her death.

And our church had people on staff that assisted us with finding a nursing home.