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Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
The risk for these things appears to be relatively low, but low is not zero, and it could be eliminated altogether with a popular vote system. With the popular vote, every American voter has exactly the same power -- a New Yorker has the same exact voting influence as an Iowan, a Texan, a Montanan, etc. That seems like a far better (and fairer) system to me -- giving the power to voters, not to states that just so happen to be swing-states at the expense of others.
Personally, I like the idea of possibly amending the Electoral College to be chosen at the district level, and the senatorial votes apportioned by the statewide popular vote.

That way, it retains some of the small state weight, but isn't all-or-nothing at a state level.

So for Texas, we might assume that it would have gone 23/13 Republican/Democrat, with another 2 Republican votes, for a total of 25/13. Better than 38/0, but it also still gives Wyoming 3 electoral votes, rather than an absurdly minuscule 262,000 possible votes (number of registered voters in Wyoming) out of 157,300,000 registered voters nationwide.