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I've got two.

The first is from The Usual Suspects. I used to complain that the Kobayashi character made no sense. He had a European face, a Japanese name and a Pakistani accent. Finally, someone explained to me that:

In all likelihood, Kobayashi either never existed or was completely different from how he was portrayed in the movie. Remember that what we were seeing was merely Kint/Soze's bullshit story. Oh, we saw someone at the end who looked like Kobayashi, but how could we know who he really was. He could have been just another driver.

Another one was from Dodgeball. In a Vegas motel, Patches O'Houlihan tells Peter LaFleur that he has a couple of call girls in his hotel room, if LaFleur cared to join him. When LaFleur turns down the offer, Patches goes "Suit yourself, queer!" and wheels away. It took me a few times watching the movie before I realized that there probably weren't any prostitutes in Patches's room, and LaFleur was right not to join him.
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