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Originally Posted by Hamlet View Post
My daughter has spent most accumulated gold on decks rather than Arena. Her, and mine, patience isn't what it should be.

Now I have to start researching how to in in Arena. Any hints?
Disclaimer - VERY rough guidelines. There are few absolutes in the game.

Use the pick lists I linked earlier and your mana curve to choose your deck. What that means is when you start picking your deck the first five to ten picks will almost always be the best card of the three that are presented to you. After that, start looking at the mana cost of the cards. If you have too many cards above 6 mana for instance, you may want to pick lower cost cards over higher cost.

A typical good arena deck(varies a little by class) would have a mix of at least 4-5 spells for removal, 5-7 good 2 cost minions, 5-10 good 5 cost and above minions and the rest in the middle. You play by balancing good trades(between minions on the board), damage to the opponent and board control. This is usually more intuitive in Arena than constructed IMO. When I started playing, I thought that you typically look for a way to have your minions trade and still stay alive. I learnt as I went that good trades are more complicated than that, but that's a decent starting point.

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