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Originally Posted by Chimera View Post
The problem is his mouth and the bad timing of his injuries. Note that poorly timed injuries don't hurt you if you're a top guy, but if you're not, they become an excuse not to push you to that level.
He could also, IMO (and IIRC, in the opinion of a few people who actually know what they're talking about) use a new gimmick. The arrogant 1980s porn star type of thing he's got going on now might work for a midcard heel, even a top midcard heel, but it's not working for him as a face. That gimmick is just someone I wanna hate.

And speaking of poorly-timed injuries... Bad news for Barrett, who separated his shoulder in Pittsburgh, courtesy of Jack Swagger. Hopefully he'll be able to stay relevant while he heals up. Maybe he can bring back that ridiculous, amazing elevated podium he was using when he was getting the gimmick over before he got back in the ring. Most importantly, I'm sure his feline friends will have lots of purrs to help him mend.