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Originally Posted by Hamlet View Post
I am loving the Arena. I read the advice, and it's really quite good. I won 4 before going out, which isn't great, but better than the luck I was having, and I feel much more in control over whether I win or not. I really need more experience with building a deck, but it's eye opening to the fun of the game.
Cool. Hope you keep having fun with it. The moment you hit 3 wins, you get some gold back in your rewards, and you always get a pack. Combine that with your daily quests and one or two free arenas a day are easy. If you want to play more arenas with minimal grinding, start a new account. Half an hour spent beating the basic and expert AIs will get you a free arena and enough gold for two more. As long as you don't abuse this system, I don't believe its against the ToS either, since many prostreamers have multiple accounts. The only drawback is your effort and packs opened won't go into building up your collection on your main account, and that may detract from your enjoyment.

ETA: Also, 4 to 7 wins are very respectable in Arena. Going above 7 means you're doing really well, and that arena will net you above 150 gold.

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