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I mostly liked MITB - I expected Cena to win since he's the safe choice to be interim champ until he gets fed to Lesnar at Summerslam, and I was disappointed that the Wyatts didn't win the tag titles. On the other hand, Paige vs. Naomi was one of the best women's matches on a main roster show in ages, and there were some really impressive spots in both of the ladder matches.

The ending of the contract match pissed me off, though. Instead of having Rollins win the match through pure physical dominance, they went with a complete bullshit ending where he needed help from Kane to win the briefcase. I can understand protecting Ambrose by not having him job clean, but a heel is not a credible threat if he can't win a match on his own - cf. Randy Orton's recent title reign where every single title defense he had he only won because he had Kane, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, or the Big Show watching his back, and instead of looking like "the face of the WWE" he looked like a bitchy prima donna.