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I agree with both parts of MITB above.

I actually don't mind totally that Cena has the titles because it cements his legacy a bit more (as if he needed it, but he's tied with Flair now) and we all knew that this was gonna be temporary, and it was either him or RKO, so why not him? It'll make him losing it all the sweeter for the haters.

I always give WAY too much credit to the WWE for their storylines, but maybe having Rollins constantly get babied will piss him off and he does a face turn by having a "I can do it myself!" kind of thing? Hopefully?

Rollins and Ambrose are GOLD together. I hate that Rollins is the heel in this instance, but I love the chemistry these guys have together. Actually as I'm thinking of it, I like rooting for Ambrose too.

I am so over Kane. He's boring, pointless, not intimidating at all, his outfit is stupid, his mask is even stupider, he's slow, lumbering...ugh just bad. Bring back Korporate Kane he was at least interesting then.

I never rlsas ahysra....sorry about that typo, I had to wash out the gallons of blood pouring from my head. Between RKO's head, Rusev (broo ha ha!)'s mouth this was the bloodiest PPV in a while.

Divas matches were ok I guess. Paige and Naomi was botch-a-palooza and it looked like Paige got herself good on her leg, but good for her for pulling through. Having Cameron there is pointless, just have her turn or get her out of there.

I thought this was a good PPV overall, although it didn't feel as EPIC as PPVs tend to, it actually felt like an above average RAW to me, do you think maybe the access of it via the network makes it that way?

Let's go Cena.....