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I really liked Kane in his original run as a monster heel and also liked that, up there with Taker, he was a tall big guy who could/still can work a good match. You don't see the latter very often because almost all of his appearances now you can tell his actions are heavily pre-scripted (I think it hurts that wrestlers don't call spots and work a fluid match as much as they used to, but I get the impression some of the lower card this still happens.) But Kane has been very poorly used as a character, if you're going to have him be this bumbling pussy whose only role is to interfere in matches for the Authority keeping him as Corporate Kane made a lot more sense.

Trying to rebrand him as his old school "monster" style heel doesn't work when you make him lose in a straight fight to anyone. The original Kane monster heel run he was the only guy in WWE at the time who could kick out of basically any finisher (back when guys didn't kick out after finishers 3-4 times a night), including multiple tombstones from Taker, and even the top babyfaces got manhandled by Kane in many instances. That's essentially how a monster heel should be, but WWE doesn't seem to remember that.