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Originally Posted by Dr. Strangelove View Post
Nice idea. I don't recall offhand--can dupes grab items through non-pneumatic doors? It would be nice to have a CO2 "fridge" that doesn't use any power, but ideally it wouldn't leak too much gas into the central part of my base. If I could fill an area with CO2 and leave dupes the ability to get at it without actually opening it, that would be ideal.
You don't need doors or conveyors - it's very low-tech . You simply dig a little CO2 "trap" under your kitchen. Something like this :


(where H is a ladder, S is egg storage and F are the foodboxes).

Either build it where there's already CO2 as your base is getting off the ground, or let it fill up naturally from your cooks breathing (in that case you need to leave the top a little more open so gas exchange can happen faster, at least until the deeper layer is good and sterile, it'll be a while before you need all 4 boxes anyway), or pump concentrated CO2 in with a temporary pump in the CO2 pit which you can then dismantle when the room is saturated.

As long as you don't put an O2-emitting device too close to the opening, the base's pressure shouldn't "invade" the hole (the 1-tile opening makes that a little bit harder too), and over time it'll just fill up with concentrated cook's breath anyway. Since CO2 is the heaviest gas and dupes only come in from the top it should never leave the pit barring weird fuckery (like a pufft or morb going down there or somesuch)
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