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Originally Posted by cmkeller View Post
This bothered me a bit as well, at first. But I thought of an explanation/fanwank for it: Tony's snap did not kill the people who were "dusted", but rather, that "dusting" was them being returned to their own time with no memories of what happens in the future. Even though the effect looked the same, it was in actuality different. After all, Tony Stark is not a killer like Thanos, and he is smart enough to understand not to cause time paradoxes.
That doesn't make any sense. Tony Stark has absolutely killed humans, as well as non-human mooks, ever since the very first time he put on the suit. He killed thousands or millions of Chitauri when he redirected the nuke through the portal in Avengers. He's never killed at quite the scale of Thanos, but I think he'd be perfectly happy dusting Thanos's entire army.

And why reuse the exact same disintegration visual effect if it's supposed to be something different actually occurring to the victim?