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Originally Posted by brossa View Post
I think it's fair to say that nine female heroes converging at once takes you out of the moment
I think that's fair, and it was compounded by the fact that most of the female heroes were secondary or side characters which only added to making it feel super obvious. "Oh boy, Wasp and Pepper Pots and Mantis are here to help..."

It's perfectly fine to acknowledge the scene's intent and be okay with it while still thinking that the scene itself was less than seamlessly inserted:
It’s meant as a stirring moment of girl power, and it’s worked as such for some viewers. But others, including myself, found it rather jarring. Many of these women have previously been sidelined and they’ve certainly never all met before. Why are they suddenly marching into battle side-by-side?
From the perspective of plot, it makes very little sense: how come all these women are momentarily free amid the chaos, but none of the men are? Surely the odds are that there’d be a ragtag bunch of men and women teaming up, not a neat all-girl line-up like this. That might sound like nitpicking, but such logic flaws are distracting.
There’s simply no need for this big salute to grrrl power or International Women’s Day or whatever this is meant to represent. The film is already stacked with great moments for many of these characters. There’s Rescue fighting back-to-back with her husband, Iron Man. There’s Nebula overcoming years of psychotic conditioning to care for a sick Tony Stark. There’s Valkyrie running New Asgard when Thor is incapable of doing so. And there’s Captain Marvel taking down a key enemy weapon without a scratch.

This line-up of female heroes therefore feels a bit patronising instead of celebratory.