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Originally Posted by MaxTheVool View Post
Are you counting me (and other posters in this thread) as part of "men raging across the internet"?
...nope. How would that make any sense? Why would you "rage" over a scene that you wrote? I suggest you read what I wrote again. The people that are raging over the Captain Marvel scene or "the Girl Power" scene would absolutely rage over a scene where "the bad guy makes a derisive sexist comment about one of the woman heroes, it turns into a montage of all the woman fighting in the battle, and ends with the hero saying ""I'm not a girl, I'm a woman""

Because I am absolutely 100% certain that my reaction to that scene was not because I object to girl power or messages of uplift, it was because the logistics of the scene jumped out like a sore thumb.
And I think I have fairly responded to your critique of the logistics of the scene. Do you have any comment to make on the arguments that I made?

I'm quite sure that there are mouth-breathing cretins who are complaining just because women-sjw-feminazis, but that doesn't mean everyone who had an issues with that scene is so motivated.
I'm glad you both agree that "mouth-breathing cretins" exist, and that the fact that I mentioned them in my post doesn't mean I was calling either you or anyone else in this thread a "mouth-breathing cretin." I do however think that its important to point these people out because we can't pretend that these people do not exist.

I made an offhand comment about "goobers" (referring to gamergoobers and their ilk, I refuse to write the proper name because merely using their name tends to attract them) and you've spun that to mean something I didn't. Nearly everything I wrote in response to you was in direct response to things you said. Your response is entirely unfair.

For instance, here's a quote from Caroline Siede at the AV Club:

(Most of the article, she spends complaining about the fact that the scene is unearned because the rest of the movie isn't woman-forward enough, so they're using that scene to unduly pat themselves on the back.)
Caroline Siede is entitled (as are you) to express her opinion. There are plenty of women who agree with my opinion though as well, but I'm not going to cite them as a shield to protect my ideas from critique. Caroline isn't participating in this thread, so Ill continue to respond to your opinions here, not hers.

"Clunky", "sacrifices all sense of internal logic". I agree with both of those criticisms. So do many people, apparently. If you disagree, if you thought that that scene in no way stood out from the general level of comic-book-illogic of the rest of the movie, well, then I guess we just disagree.
I'm stunned you came to that conclusion. Yes, if I disagree with your opinion then I guess we just disagree then.