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I just put psstores.exe in the search box for Netscape & found this little gem from some computer guru:

'I checked TechNet and the MS web site. I found a few hits, but nothing useful. The one helpful piece of
information I did find was that it was associated with the Protected Storage service. I fired up Control
Panel - Services and, sure enough, there was a service named Protected Storage running. I could have
simply stopped that service, but stopping a service that I don't know the purpose of seemed like a bad
idea. So I searched some more, this time for "protected storage." This time, I found enough hits to learn that
Protected Storage is installed when one installs Internet Explorer 4. I still don't know what Protected
Storage does, but I wasn't planning to use IE4 on this test bed machine anyway, so it seemed safe to stop
the Protected Storage service. I did so, and the machine continues to run with no apparent bad effects."